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Want 10% off? Use code GURL10
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About Us

Hi! We are Go Gurl Protein, a female gym supplement company based in the UK. 

Here's some information so you can get to know us and our vision..

We were created after our founder, realised that many gym products had a masculine vibe to them. She felt embarrassed to be taking some products and even received comments such as 'aren't protein powders for men?' 

This sparked the idea of bringing some feminine touches to products and target a female audience. 

Our vision

We believe that everyBODY belongs in the gym. Our founder is a curvy size 8/10, she did not want the brand to be about the 'perfect figure' but the realistic woman. Women that might have a meal replacement shake for lunch at work when running from meeting to meeting. Mums that have a protein shake after going to a baby and me classes. University students using pre workout for their gym sessions during exam season. 

We are inspired by women of all shapes and sizes, without you, we would not be us, you Go Gurl!